“Internet self-actualization” is what will allow you to realize your full potential

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Your 20s are precarious years.

Suspended between the land of “this is your last chance to have fun” and “this is the time to work hard,” confusion ensues. You’re trivialized during one of the most transformative periods of your life.

We’re living in a period of human history marked by vast technological advancements. Yet the 20-somethings remain married to antiquated societal expectations.

One expectation, in particular, remains fixed: the career.

Finding a job. It doesn’t take long for our worthiness to become enveloped in this massive undertaking. The cover letters, resumes, interviews, networking.

I was one of those 20-somethings who…

New organizational titles reveal communities are now dictating online economics

In 2020, Bud Light announced it was looking for a new CMO. Not a Chief Marketing Officer. Nope — a Chief Meme Officer.

Paying $5,000 a month in exchange for 10 memes a week, Bud Light’s announcement made quite the splash. Articles on the debacle saturated the internet.

But Bud Light’s little extravaganza isn’t the only of its kind. Their announcement normalized hiring meme-makers, and soon other companies began posting for similar roles. Last April, artificial intelligence startup Rosebud AI started accepting applications for Chief Meme Officer interns. Go figure.

The lazy girl’s guide to Twitter that got me from 0 to 6,600+ followers

A smartphone with the Twitter logo on the screen.
A smartphone with the Twitter logo on the screen.
Sara Kurfess Unsplash

Take this title with a grain of salt.

I hesitated to give this article such a cliché headline, anticipating readers might think I’m some pig-tailed gal who’s kicking it. Don’t think Twitter doesn’t take a minimal amount of effort. Like most things in life, it’s simple, but it’s not easy.

But, there are varying levels of effort one can put in to grow on Twitter. Some people knock it out of the park. They tweet multiple times a day, write threads x3 a week, and hop on Zoom calls with strangers.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like…

A tech exodus is underway in Silicon Valley. But could the iconic tech hub actually disappear?

According to the media, there’s a tech exodus underway.

Both tech players- and jobs — seem to be escaping the Bay Area, heading towards new promised lands. The epicenter of the tech universe, Silicon Valley, is dissolving under our very eyes. For every person moving to the Bay Area, two have left according to Move Buddha.

Whereas a decade ago the talent was concentrated in San Francisco, the mainstream adoption of remote work has allowed people to disperse. Silicon Valley no longer has a monopoly in innovation.

In its place, new tech hubs are sprouting, seeking to court these vagabond…

Conway’s Law shows us how organizational structure impacts our work. But chances are you’ve never heard of it.

Tim Gouw Unsplash

A little over a year ago, the severity of COVID-19 began to sink in. It jostled the entire workforce, its effects abrupt and consequential. People either lost their jobs or were rushed to a remote work environment.

It was a complete mess, and within the chaos, complications arose. It’s to be expected when a pandemic forces the world’s largest work-from-home experiment.

Newly remote teams began reporting the same kinds of issues. Communication channels were ubiquitous, but it remained difficult to find useful information. The loss of in-person interactions caused serendipity to dwindle. Unable to grasp organizational structure, confusion ensued. …

Writing lets your identity become an anchor in a world that is nothing but information

Guille Pozzi Unsplash

On any given day, you absorb around 74 GB (~16 movies) of information. Only 500 years ago, 74 GB is what the most educated person consumed in a lifetime.

Yet this abundance of information has blended into the digital background of our lives. We seldom notice its presence, distracted by the notifications, emails, and dopamine binges.

In turn, we remain unaware of information overloads’ harmful consequences.

You know that feeling; when your innocent Google search morphs into an exhausting rabbit hole? When you genuinely want to learn something, but keep getting lost? …

Writing gives you a sense of empowerment — and it can completely change your life.

It was right before Christmas and I had struck gold — I landed an interview for an internship with a renowned music company that had signed superstars like Outkast and David Bowie.

This was monumental for my budding music career. When I was 16 years old, I stumbled into New York City’s Gramercy Theatre with tickets to see DJ Shiftee. I was wholly captivated by the crowd’s electrifying energy. The bass rumbled through my bones as everyone danced deliriously.

From then on, turning music into a career wasn’t a choice: it was an obsession.

On the day of the interview…

In a sea of content, creativity is how you stand out from the crowd.

J Balla on Unsplash

Not too long ago, I posted a Tweet listing reasons as to why people don’t become creators.

Andrew Neel/Unsplash

If you’re fearful of publishing on the internet, you have an issue. An ego issue.

Your ego isn’t inherently malicious — it’s how one assesses their self-importance. Yet, your ego becomes a problem when it inflates and consequently believes the world revolves around its existence.

When you’re afraid of sharing your work online, your ego is too high, for it assumes people disproportionately care about what you have to say. Yet, the world doesn’t revolve around you. For example, try to reminisce over the last creation you saw that reeked of mediocrity. Can you remember the date and time you…

Struggling to write consistently? You’re too emotionally attached to your work.

Hannah Wei Unsplash

Writing is a game, and the way you win is by being consistent. Yet when you don’t write every day, you’re participating in a losing game.

Oftentimes, the storyline for writers goes something like this:

They’ve spent hours tinkering on their project, days refining every minuscule detail. Their creation — whether it be an article, blog post, newsletter, — is their child. Holding their breath, they click “publish” and release their creation onto the internet.

They wait for resounding success, only to be met with deafening silence.
Each time they refresh the screen and are greeted with zero notifications, they…

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